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Hello, this is what we do

We work with stereo and multichannel sound across all platforms: Film, TV, Radio, Web, Mobile and Apps. We are experienced mixing in the latest Dolby Atmos format and can even do mono!

In fact, if there’s sound involved then we’re interested; here are the services we offer:


In the studio and on location, capturing sounds from voiceovers and dialogue, to Foley and ambience.


Selecting, processing, cutting, and joining sound clips to smooth dialogue, add sound effects, and make your soundtrack engaging and believable.


Creating soundscapes for your film or digital media project. As close, or as far away from reality as you wish!


To convey the emotion. Provide appropriate music for your project either from production tracks or via specially commissioned work.


Where dialogue, music and effects tracks meet up in a creative and technical unison. We do soundtracks for cinema, TV, web, game and mobile devices. Also experienced mixing in Dolby Atmos.


Location recording of music concerts, especially one-off events with classical ensembles.


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This is who we've worked with

And this is who we are

Alex Hudd AMPS

Alex is Dreambase Studios’ owner and ‘Gaffer’. He’s a musician (his words) who’s been writing, playing, performing and recording his own music for quite some time. He has a degree (who doesn't these days?) in Electronic Engineering and spent 13 years as a Sound Consultant to the motion picture film industry across Europe and Asia (i.e. travelling all over the world and getting your meals for free) He set up Dreambase Studios in 2008. Alex is a full member of AMPS (Association of Motion Picture Sound) and the PRS (Performing Rights Society). When not working he’s often found experimenting with sound and blogging about it (not recently though). He also loves script writing and running, and can often be found out on his single-speed track bike.

Gemma's the energetic one in the pack. She's a professional Spotlight and Equity registered actress with a varied array of credits to her name. Gemma is also trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistc Programming) and hypnotherapy, and is a Demalogica skin therapist. She loves script writing, has a penchant for red wine, and happens to be a bit handy behind the drum kit (think Animal in the Muppets!).

Gemma Harlow Dean

Plus loads of other fantastic freelancers...